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5 Things To Know Before You Swim with Pigs

5 Things To Know Before You Swim with Pigs

So, you want to swim with the pigs?  I get you.  This was on my bucket list for a few years so when the old b-day came around, i gifted a trip to myself. (so generous, right?)  i knew nothing about exuma but I was totally blown away by its beauty.  it OFFERS SO MUCH MORE THAN SWIMMING SWINE.  (CHECK OUT WHAT ELSE YOU CAN DO HERE).  the whole pigs thing on the other hand, quite literally CAME BACK TO BITE ME (SEE #3). 


Big Major Cay or "Pig Beach" is not close to Georgetown.  In fact, it's pretty far.  Like 2 hours on a boat far.  So, unless you fly into Staniel Cay Airport (MYES), or pull up on your yacht (fancy pants), don't plan on heading straight there upon arrival.  If you're staying on Great Exuma, your best bet is to book an organized day tour like we did.  I highly recommend Four C's.  I was a bit worried when I heard only 10 minutes of our 8-hour tour was spent with the pigs, but it's really all you need.  


You know how it goes...something becomes popular and everyone wants to capitalize.  Pigs are no exception.  Big Major Cay is home to the original swimming pigs, but a knock-off pig beach has popped up on Great Exuma - and that one doesn't require nearly as much travel time.  At the end of the day, both are islands and both have pigs that swim, so whatever.  If you don't have a full day to spare, go see the "fake" ones.  Your insta followers will never even know the difference. 


I know.  They're wild animals.  Of course they bite.  Yeah yeah yeah.  But in the picture perfect scenario I had in my head, I was going to be floating with Wilbur and friends.  Instead, about two seconds after stepping off the boat,  I was cornered by three huge hungry hogs. Legit monsters.  See that huge mouth with rotten teeth?  Yep, that left a bruise that resembled an eggplant on my thigh.  (Happy Birthday to me!)  So, let the other camera happy tourists off the boat first.  They'll distract the hungry beasts so you can head straight to shore to see the much cuter piglets. 


Without food in your hands, you are worthless.  So, If you want the pigs to pay attention to you, feed them.  (I mean, I totally get it).  If you want them to leave you alone, hold your arms in the air and show them you're empty handed.  Bachelor Ben had it all wrong with the whole chest cross advice.  I tried and it's total lies.  It would have been nice to know all of this before I got off the boat.  You know, before I got that pig bite "souvenir."   (Four C's provided the bread and veggies for the pigs) 


Pigs like food, not selfies.  Or so I've heard.  I'll be honest, I didn't even try.   After the thigh carnage, my head wasn't going anywhere near their mouths.  Rumor has it pigs have bad eye sight, and there's no saying a Go-Pro doesn't look appetizing.  If said Go-Pro is by your head, then...well, you get the idea.  It's cool if you're one of those people who will do anything for a pic, but make it quick and don't say I didn't warn you!

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